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With everything we say and do here at Reach Ministries, nothing is more important than for you to hear the sound of our heart in why we do what we do.  Our early fathers and mothers, people of great faith and heritage, encountered the heart of the Father in a way they had never experienced before. A fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit changed their lives and ministries. A sincere desire to honour what God was doing among them was the tipping point in their journey of faith. They began to meet together as like minded ministers for mutual encouragement and as a result, what we do today and why we do it, flows from a few simple concepts our founding members modelled.


Posture is more important than Position


How we administer the Grace of God among us does not come from holding a title or position. Great leaders are recognized by those they live and walk with in real life when they have no title. Great leaders are known first by their posture of humility and Christlike example. As we posture ourselves before the Father we find that He often calls us to lead others in experiencing a more victorious lifestyle. We never hold our ordination as more important than our heart for the Father and His bride.


Presence is more important than Papers


We witness in scripture that the very nature and process of Jesus selecting his disciples was not based on their education or experience but rather His purpose or design for them. Mark 3:14 says that Jesus appointed the twelve " that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach. Spending time in his presence came before being sent out. Although both education and experience contribute greatly to leading others, they are not the qualifier for ministry. We encourage you in the words of Paul to Timothy to study through spending time in personal worship and pursuing education, but always remember to value His presence as your greatest pursuit in life. In this you will discover your life purpose and calling, which might lead you to pursue some papers.


Leaders are more important than Laws


Laws are designed to help govern a society externally where they are powerless to govern themselves inwardly. When Jesus came proclaiming the Kingdom, He spoke about the Kingdom being within us. By this he meant that there was now the ability to be governed by his voice inwardly rather than by an outward law. Laws help when we don't know the way. Jesus said that He is the Way, Truth and Life. Great leaders continually point us to the inner voice of the Father to recognize our inner DNA as sons and daughters. Reach Ministries does have written by-laws which are very important, however they were never written to control you or constrict your ability to pursue your call or ministry to the world.


Hoisting your Sail is more important than hoisting a Flag


At Reach Ministries our early fathers and mothers strongly held to the empowering freedom of being part of a minister's association rather than a traditional denomination. It's because of this that the heart of Reach Ministries has always been to help you hoist the sails of your ship and see you move out freely into the call of God. Your identity comes from being sons and daughters not from membership. We never ask that you hoist a Reach Ministries flag. Many have never heard of our association simply based on that reality. We do not promote or advertise ourselves as a Reach Ministries branded group of churches or ministries, nor do we ask that members represent us. We are here for you. The honour of walking together in this manner helps us all stay true to the call of God on our lives.


These few concepts form a basic culture among us. Sometimes you just need a little help from some friends. These simple concepts often help us stay focused on the value and context for walking together as sons and daughters in the family of God.


The last words of our statement of faith read We believe in the sovereign autonomous government of the local Church. True in the day of our founding and still true today, although independent, we deeply need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Becoming part of a larger fellowship of those who hold to the truths we care deeply about, we are independent yet connected. Being valued, accepted and equipped for ministry is why many have found their home in Reach Ministries.


1 Corinthians  1: 26-31

1 Corinthians  2: 1-5




The verbal inspiration of the accepted canon

of the sacred scriptures as originally given.

2 Tim 3:16    1 Cor 2:13


The tri-unity of the Godhead.

Matt 28:19    Gal 3:20


The creation, test and fall of man,

as recorded by Genesis, his total depravity

and inability to Divine Righteousness.

Rom 5:12-18


The Saviour of men, the Lord Jesus Christ, conceived of

the Holy Spirit, born  of the virgin Mary, very God and very Man.

Lk 1:30-35    Jn 1:18    Isa 9:6


The Gospel of the grace of God, how that Christ died for our sins,

was buried, and rose again on the third day for our justification.

1 Cor 15:1-4    Rom 4:25


The Salvation of sinners by grace alone,

through faith in the perfect and finished work of the Cross of Calvary,

by which we secure remission of sins and eternal life.

Eph 2:8-9    Heb 9:12,22     Rom 5:11


The bodily ascension of Jesus to Heaven, His enthronement,

His personal coming for His Church, at which time there

will be a general Resurrection and final judgment.

Lk 24;51   Eph 1:20  4:8-10   Heb 1:3   1 Thess 4:13-18


The water baptism of believers by immersion

in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 19:5   8: 37-38   10:47-48


The baptism with the Holy Spirit as an experience

subsequent to salvation, available to all believers.

Acts 2:1-4   8:14-17   10:44-47   Gal 3:14


The Gifts of the Spirit as enumerated in 1 Cor 12-14

being exercised and practiced as manifest in the early Church.

1 Cor 12-14


The Spirit filled life, a life of separation from the world,

and the perfecting of holiness in the fear of God

as an expression of Christian faith.

Eph 5:18   2 Cor 6:14 ,  7:1


The healing of the body by Divine power, or Divine healing

in its many aspects  as practiced by the early Church.

Acts 4:30   Rom 8:11  1 Cor 12:9   James 5:14


The Lord's memorial, commonly called Supper for believers.

1Cor 11:23-32


The eternal life of the believer ( John 5:24  ,10:28 )

and the eternal punishment of the unbeliever.

Mk 9:43-48    2 Thess 1:9    Rev 20:10-15


The reality and personality of Satan.

Job 1:7   2 Cor 11:14


The sovereign autonomous government of the local Church.

Matt 18:17    Acts 15:22    1 Cor 16:12


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